Author: Kati Marjala

Adding a foreign member’s entry, non FIFe member’s entry or adding a missing housecat

Foreign and non FIFe members entries are added the same way as for members of Kissaliitto, but before adding those, cat’s and owner’s information needs to be added to MyCats by registrar. Housecat information can also be missing from MyCats. Check first if the owner and correct cat can already be found from MyCats. (Same […]

Products of the show

Show invoices can be created with the help of products, also products can be used for e.g. steward application.  You can set different availability periods for different products, e.g. you can create different show fees for different registration periods. Registration-product: At least one registration-product is required for attending show Can be e.g. Show registration member, […]

Secretary’s user accounts and management (+ other accounts) 

In forehand make sure that everyone in secretary has working accounts and required rights to MyCats. You can create the needed accounts by clicking the Users –link in “User Management” – tab. Create new user with “Add user” –link.   Main user is on duty in case of problems, need of advices and if you […]


Numbering can be done in Numbering-tab. To avoid accidental numbering, the numbering action needs to be opened and locked separately: Press Lock / Open numbering – button. After opening the numbering, press the Set show numbers – button, system will generate the numbering for cats. Lock the function again with Lock / open numbering – […]

Adding judges to show

Organizing club will add judges to the show. With Add judge- button (Arrow 1) in JUDGES –tab. Select the correct judge from drop down menu and press Save. EMS-codes are not saved yet (EMS-codes are provided when judge allocation is made). You can remove the judge by clicking the Delete –link in judge’s row. (Arrow […]

How to found a new show

New show is founded by the MyCats main user. The club will need to deliver basic show information for the main user Main user is not on duty all the time – remember to deliver the information early enough!  Main user will create the basic information of the show and provides more access rights […]

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