Author: Kati Marjala

Creating and releasing the confirmation letter 

Confirmation letter is saved to show’s basic information Basic information – tab, Edit-button, you can see the Text of confirmation letter – field. You can use formatting in Text of confirmation –field, but you cannot add attachments. Show information is recommended to be added to club’s webpage and link it to the confirmation letter Note! […]

Entering to show

Entering cat or cats in to show Go to the main page of the Omakissa service and log in with your Omakissa credentials. Go to the Shows tab and click on the name of the show you want to register the cat for. Please note that for exhibitions on consecutive days of the same […]


In Shows – tab you can find all shows where you can entry your cat. There is also listing of past shows. Blue confirmation letter icon is sign for those shows you have entered with your cat in the past. More specific instructions to Shows (e.g. show entry) can be found from Show register for […]

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