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Kissan terveystiedot

Jokaisella kissalla on oma Terveystiedot-välilehti, jonne kerätään kissasta tehdyt terveystiedot. Terveystiedot on jaettu kahteen osaan “Pakolliset ja suositellut terveystiedot” ja “Muut terveystiedot“. Pakolliset ja suositellut terveystiedot osiosta löytyvät jalostuskäyttöä varten vaaditut terveystulokset sekä FIFé testiohjelman mukaiset (Kasvatus- ja rekisteröintisäänto 3.5.1) mukaiset suositellut terveystestit. Rotukirjaaja hyväksyy ja kuittaa kuittaa käsitellyksi tämän ryhmän terveystestit. Kaikki tämän ryhmän terveystiedot ovat aina julkisia! Muut terveystiedot ryhmään voi kissan omistaja lisätä haluamiaan terveystutkimuksia. Rotukirjaaja ei käsittele tämän ryhmän terveystutkimuksia ollenkaan […]

Invoices are kept safe in MyCat!

All your invoices and their statuses can be found from MyCat under Invoices -view.  Under the view you will find all membership, show registration and possible litter registration invoices. Especially in the beginning of each year when it is time to pay the club memberships, it is good to check what appears under the view. MyCat is used for sending the membership and show registration invoices as a group email, which means that those emails […]


In Shows – tab you can find all shows where you can entry your cat. There is also listing of past shows. Blue confirmation letter icon is sign for those shows you have entered with your cat in the past. More specific instructions to Shows (e.g. show entry) can be found from Show register for member.

Members functions

You can find several tabs from your member’s page (Contact information, Memberships, Cats, Cattery name, Invoices and Shows). From these tabs you can find all information about your membership and you can also modify those. Contact information – tab you can maintain your contact details. By clicking the Edit information – button you can edit your personal information like address, phone number, password. Please note that if you change your email address, also your MyCats […]

Cattery name is missing

In case you have a cattery name, but it is missing from your own information, contact the MyCats –support: Cattery name should be visible in the right corner of Basic Information- tab and Cattery name – tab.

Forgot my password

Go to MyCats -site  and click on the link I’m already a member, I want a password. You will receive an email with a link to reset your password.

Resigning from the club

Anyone can resign from the club by informing the board of the club via MyCats. Log in to MyCats with your personal credentials. Go to Memberships -tab. From this tab you can find all memberships to clubs you belong. Click on the Edit –button from the club’s line you want to resign. System will open a new page with your personal information. Check that information is valid and choose the resign date from the dropdown […]

Giving your vote for the club 

If you belong to a multiple clubs, you will need to choose, which club you will give your vote in Kissaliitto’s general meetings. (Votes are counted in the last day of each year). This is how you give your vote: Go to Memberships –tab. Click Set your vote to –button in section: entitled to vote. Choose the club you want to provide your vote. Press Save, or Cancel.

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