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Change request to cat’s information

Changing cat’s information can be done in Change Requests – tab. Open the cat’s details which you want to change Choose the Change request’s – tab and click the Add – button From the drop down menu, choose the correct change type Cat sterilization/castration Change of breed, color, pattern or tail length Over 10 month old cat’s change requires copy of class 13 c show diploma Change to health information Attach a copy of veterinarian […]

Ownership change – for seller

Ownership change requires acceptance from all owners. Acceptance can be given by logging in to MyCats –site, in cats details page press Allow change of ownership –button. This acceptance needs to be done in every case, even the cat has only one owner. Ownership of the cat can be changed by creating a PIN-code for the new owner. New owner can have the ownership of the cat by claiming the cat with PIN-code in MyCats […]

Kissan terveystiedot

Jokaisella kissalla on oma Terveystiedot-välilehti, jonne kerätään kissasta tehdyt terveystiedot. Terveystiedot on jaettu kahteen osaan “Pakolliset ja suositellut terveystiedot” ja “Muut terveystiedot“. Pakolliset ja suositellut terveystiedot osiosta löytyvät jalostuskäyttöä varten vaaditut terveystulokset sekä FIFé testiohjelman mukaiset (Kasvatus- ja rekisteröintisäänto 3.5.1) mukaiset suositellut terveystestit. Rotukirjaaja hyväksyy ja kuittaa kuittaa käsitellyksi tämän ryhmän terveystestit. Kaikki tämän ryhmän terveystiedot ovat aina julkisia! Muut terveystiedot ryhmään voi kissan omistaja lisätä haluamiaan terveystutkimuksia. Rotukirjaaja ei käsittele tämän ryhmän terveystutkimuksia ollenkaan […]

Documents prefilled with you cat’s information

It is possible to download documents with prefilled cat information from MyCats (MS Word format). Download the documents to your own computer like this:   First select the cat you want to use for prefilling the document, and open the cat info page Go to the bottom of the basic info -view to the section called Document creation From the selection list choose the document to be created and press “Download”-button (see below). If you […]

Ownership change – byer

Cat’s ownership is redeemed with PIN-code, and all owner’s will need to redeem it personally. The PIN – code you can get from the seller via e.g. email or paper. Go to Cats – tab, click the Give PIN-code for ownership change -button (picture 1) Give the PIN-code you got from the seller to the opening window (picture 2) and press Save Cat will now appear to your Cats -tab NOTE! If even one of […]

Incorrect or missing information in cat’s details

Is some of the health – or show results missing, or is there incorrect data? Do you need help with MyCats. First search for help here in MyCats instructions. Note, that you need to have a proper document of the correct information if you are reporting incorrect or missing information. If you find incorrect show result Provide following information: – Cat’s breed – Cat’s name – Owner’s name – Show date and place – Judge […]

Requirements for obtaining JW/DM/DSM/DVM -titles

If all the required show results for JW/DM/DSM/DVM-title can be found from MyCats site, cat’s Show results – tab, but you have not received a confirmation from registrar (email and/or diploma) then contact the registrar via email. If some of the required results is missing from Show results – tab, you can add them with Change Request. Choose the Change Request type and add the attachments (copies of diplomas). Finish by Saving.

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