Category: 2. Member instructions – Cat register

Cattery name

If the person has cattery name registered to FIFe, Cattery name – tab shows the basic information of the cattery name and a listing of litter’s registered to this cattery name.

I have too many cats

There might be several reasons for this, e.g. if you as breeder have forgotten to report ownership changes for registrar, ownerships have not been updated to register. You can transfer the ownership in MyCats together with the new owner. Instructions for ownership change: Ownership change if the new owner is not member of any club, the change will need to be done with paper form. In case you do not recognize the extra cat contact […]

Cat I own is missing from my information 

If a cat is missing from your information, there can be several reasons. E.g. your name has changed and the cat’s ownership is in your old name, or the seller of the cat has not yet delivered the new ownership information for registrar. First point of contact: seller of the cat. Contact the person who sold you the cat. When seller logs in to MyCats, seller can check if the cat is still in sellers […]

Marking your cat as castrated or sterilized

You can report the cat as castrated/sterilized by: Go to the cat’s page in MyCats Click the Change requests – tab. Click the Add –button. Open the Change Request type – menu. Choose the Cat sterilization/castration. Fill in the cat’s sterilization/castration date to Additional info field. Save. Action is free of charge

Marking the cat as deceased

You can report the cat as deceased: Open the cat’s details. Press the Report as deceased – button. Give the date and reason for death and press Save. Cat is marked deceased immediately. Action is free of charge

Change request to cat’s information

Changing cat’s information can be done in Change Requests – tab. Open the cat’s details which you want to change Choose the Change request’s – tab and click the Add – button From the drop down menu, choose the correct change type Cat sterilization/castration Change of breed, color, pattern or tail length Over 10 month old cat’s change requires copy of class 13 c show diploma Change to health information Attach a copy of veterinarian […]


Pedigree – tab shows cat’s ancestors to fourth generation. Basic details: name, register number, EMS-code and date of birth is shown in the basic view. You can check the public information of the cat’s by clicking the cat’s name.


Offspring –tab shows the details, if the cat has offspring. Kitten’s name, sex and date of birth is shown on the list. By clicking the kitten’s name you can get to more detailed information.

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