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Omakissan julkisesta näkymästä seuraat kissojen tietoja ja tuloksia reaaliajassa!

sivulla – voit katsella kissojen sukutauluja ja terveystietoja – tarkastella eri rotujen rekisteröintimääriä – seurata reaaliajassa meneillään olevien näyttelyiden tuloksia – tarkastella menneiden näyttelyiden näyttelytuloksia – pysyä ajanhermolla ranking-tilastoista

Requirements for obtaining JW/DM/DSM/DVM -titles

If all the required show results for JW/DM/DSM/DVM-title can be found from MyCats site, cat’s Show results – tab, but you have not received a confirmation from registrar (email and/or diploma) then contact the registrar via email. If some of the required results is missing from Show results – tab, you can add them with Change Request. Choose the Change Request type and add the attachments (copies of diplomas). Finish by Saving.

Foreign show results

We recommend that you always report foreign show results immediately after the show. This make’s both registrars and show secretaries work easier. Also keeping the show results up to date, we manage to avoid extra show result cancellation processes in the show committee. Foreign show results can be reported in Change requests – tab. Add the needed attachments (scan or picture of show diploma), choose change request type Adding an old or foreign show result. […]

Memberships for owners of breeding cats

If even one of the owners (male or female) membership has not been valid in the time of mating, MyCats does not allow to do the litter registration in reference to membership validation. In this case the membership needs to be taken care of immediately and registration will need to be done by MAILING the mating certificate before the litter is 2 months old (normal registration fee) or before 3 months old (regular double registration […]

Microchips for litters

Breeder, after your litter has been microchipped, you can report the microchip details by yourself. You can do it by: After the veterinarian/ legalized microchipper has installed the chip and marked the microchip number in to the pedigree book, send a scan or picture of the pedigree book’s page where the microchip number is marked (note. all cat’s detailed information and veterinarians/chippers markings need to be clear). This can easily be done from Change requests […]

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