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Number of members and votes in general assembly

Kissaliitto will check the number of votes from MyCats. It is club’s responsibility to have all memberships handled by 31.12. 23:59 o’clock, so that all members entitled to vote are counted.  There are tools for membership secretaries to follow up and validate the number of votes. Reports – tab you can find the report ”Votes in general assembly”. This report shows you how many members is in total, how many memberships in each club (if […]

Club’s main user functions

Adding a new user – club’s account Click the “User management” – tab Click Users Click Add user  User information for is opened, fill in at least the fields marked with star (*) Fill in the information and Save Select a proper group from dropdown menu and press Add to group Club’s member administrator  Click User management – tab Click Users  You can see listing of club’s officers who have the rights to administer club’s […]

Updating personal information 

You can change your password, name and email with following instructions: Click your username in the top of screen Provide new password and update information if needed Save User account management (user rights, validity-date etc.) Click the ”User management” –tab If you cannot see User management – tab, you do not have the sufficient rights to modify this information Click ”Users” Choose ”Browse information” from your own name’s row and the ”Edit” –button. Update the […]

Magazine subscriptions and group emails

Club can handle the magazine subscriptions in two ways. Either by using the subscriptions-functions (member’s details/Subscriptions – tab) or via group email. Club’s member magazines Ask the MyCats main user to found the club’s magazine with following information: Name for the magazine Paper, electronic or both Example: Mallikkaat Rotukissayhdistys Ry (MROK) publishes their own member magazine ”MROK Sanomat” both in paper and electronic (PDF-file). Main user will found two magazines for the club MROK Sanomat […]

Sending email to selection group

From the left panel, click the ”New email” link Choose the file type for your message (text, Free HTML or Model HTML) NOTE! In Model-HTML you can find email templates, in text you can only write text and in free HTML you can e.g. add pictures. In this example we have used Free HTML Type the message you want to send If you want to add picture the message, the picture needs to be preloaded […]


In this view you can either create new selections or use to existent selections. Selection criteria means that search is done again every time. Selection group means saved listing of persons. If you want to create a selection, click ”New selection” and give the criteria’s, e.g. ”General” -> City and click ”Select” System will list all members with this selection are (in this case the City you defined) You can add more criteria by clicking […]


Go to Reports – tab and click the Member list by clubs Enter the date, default is current date, report will show members until that date you set. Choose the club whose members you want to view. Click Search After that you can see the list of all members of the club you chose. You can save the data to excel by clicking the Excel-icon in top of the listing. The listing does not show […]

Payment notices

Click the ”Invoicing” – tab Click the ”Create payment notice” Fill in at least the fields marked with star (*) Click ”Search” – button From the list you can choose the members who will receive the payment notice, or you can choose all. After making choice, click ”Create payment notice for selected invoices” System will create the payment notices as PDF-files Payment notice information is saved to members invoice and to Invoicing – tab

Processing the unallocated payments

Reference material will include all the payments paid with correct reference code, also others than membership payments. Unallocated payments are processed in Invoicing – tab, section Unallocated payments Search all unallocated payments e.g. in certain time table. If you do not give any search options, search will bring all unallocated payments. From the list you can e.g. reject payments that do not belong to the system, or allocate the payments to correct invoice.

Importing reference material

Importing reference material is for clubs that have contract with bank for reference material Export the reference material from your bank Go to Invoicing – tab and choose the ”Importing payments to the registry” Press the ”Choose file” – button and browse the reference material file Press “Download the file and import payments” – button System will check payments from the reference material and marks the paid membership payments paid. Please notice, that reference material […]

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