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Acceptin membership payment manually

Click the check invoice from invoice’s row you want to process Fill in the amount of Payment and Date of payment and if there is other information to add. Click the Approve the invoice and the payments – button Payment will be visible in the invoice and invoice is marked as accepted. Please notice that if the invoice is partially paid, you need to add the amount manually and add a notification to comment field. […]

Searching the membership invoices

Click on the Invoicing – tab Under invoicing tab, click the invoicing history. In this view you can check and search invoices imported to ledger. You can either set search options or leave them blank, then system will search all invoices.

Invoicing memberships

Click the Invoicing – tab. Klikkaa yläpalkissa kohtaa Laskutus Click the Invoice memberships Fill in at least the fields marked with star (*) Choose the Membership type from the list. (Invoice amount is defined by the choices, you can also choose multiple membership types) Click on the Search invoices Choose the members who you want the invoice to be sent and click Send Invoices  If you want to send all invoices, click ”Send all invoices”  […]

Modifying the member’s / organization’s details 

Search the member / organization whose details you want to modify by using the search tool in the left panel of the page: Search for members or organizations. You can search with member or organization name by pressing the SEARCH – button or using the ADVANCED SEARCH. Access and modify the details by clicking the member’s / organization’s name on the search results. If the search finds only one member / organization, the details are […]

Adding a new member to club

New member can be added to club in two ways. When member applies to club via MyCats start page form membership application, the application appears for the club to the MyCats start page, where membership secretary will need process it. Membership secretary can also directly add the user to club, or add new club for existent member. 1. Processing membership application Unprocessed membership applications can be found from MyCats start page. Application can be either […]

Frequently asked questions 

Email is already in use (when updating membership details) This email address is already in use for some other person. Check first if the other person is your own club’s member (use the email address as search option). If the search can’t find results, the person is a member of different club. In this case contact the MyCats – support and provide the person’s name and email that gave the conflict. Every member needs a […]


You can log in to MyCats in: If you are logging in as a member of club, use the credentials you received. If you are having issues with logging in, contact your club’s main user. If you are your club’s main user, contact the MyCats support. MyCats-support for clubs In all question related to MyCats, contact the main user: Support email is only for clubs!

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