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Omakissan varajärjestelmä

MyShow on laitteistoriippumaton ohjelmisto, jonka avulla on mahdollista tehdä kissanäyttelyn tuloslaskenta ilman internet yhteyttä. Ohjelman käyttäminen edellyttää että käytössä on Omakissasta saatava näyttelyluettelo Excel (Raportit > Näyttelyluettelo) ja tietokoneelle on asennettu Java. Javan voi ladata koneelle ilmaiseksi osoitteesta Lataa ohjelma ja pura zip-paketti sopivaan paikkaan (esim. työpöydälle). Käynnistä ohjelma kaksoisklikkaamalla kansiosta löytyvää Myshow.jar tiedostoa tai aja komentorivillä MyShow kansiossa komento: 
java -jar Myshow.jar.

Note for show secretaries!

Show registrations cannot anymore be fully removed by show secreterary. If the owner wants to remove a cat from a show, the show registration needs to be either cancelled or rejected. If the registration is not correct and needs to be removed, you need to contact club’s administrator.  

Changing the cat to show

Changing the cat to show can be done by the show secretary. There are three ways to do it (club can choose the most suitable way). PRACTISE 1. You can replace a cat already entered to another cat. Choose the “Edit” in Entries – tab from that cat’s row you want to replace. When the cat’s owner is the same as the already entered cats, you can just search the cats name and choose it […]

Entries by the products

In Entries – tab you can search for different products used in entries. E.g. entries paid with stamp card, reduced price etc.  From this view you can easily see the status of all payments. By clicking the ”Invoice status” you can see the invoice details and you can either accept or reject them. You can see all entries by choosing ”Show all” above the EMS –code list or choose specific category or EMS- code by […]

Accepted entries – report

Report shows listing of all cats accepted to the show. It is recommended to save this report (from both days) e.g. to flash drive, for just in case if the network crashes. If you save the file in EXEL- format, in case of emergency you can save the show results to this file, later you can upload the file with results to MyCats with help of Kehätieto. In the print screen you can see the […]

Class changes – report

Class changes Report will those cats, whose entry class is conflict to cat’s details. Cat’s name is link to the entry, where you can save the class change (if needed). Class changes are recommended to be processed before sending the confirmation letter and again few days before the show. This way you can see also the next show days upcoming class changes Class report will show the list of cats that have obtained a new […]

Summary of entries (view for show secretaries)

In Shows – page, Entries- tab you can see the summary of entries. Column 1. (Entered) includes ALL entries regardless the status. This includes all entries in approved, rejected, unfinished and canceled status. Column 2. (Approved) includes only entries that are Approved. Column 3. (Rejected) includes only entries that are rejected (rejected by the show secretary) Column 4. (Unfinished) includes only entries that are unfinished (mainly entries that are left unfinished by the enterer) Column […]

Checking the BIS-results

After a busy day at the show, easy and fast way to check that all the BIS cats have been marked as BIS in MyCats, is through BIS-report. Report can be found from Prints-view by name “BIS-report”.

Removing the breeder class

Note. Cats of the breeder class –report needs to be checked. Check if there is cat entered to the show from the owner of the cattery name entered to breeder class or if the breeder class has been paid separately. Report Cats of the breeder class – will list all the cattery name’s that have at least five cats entered to the show. If the requirements for the breeder class are not met, the class […]

Printing the judge’s report

Go to MyCats -> Show – tab -> Prints -> Judge’s report (rdlc). Report is opened for the screen, press the Save – icon and save the file to your computer as PDF – file. Open the file in Adobe Reader – program. Press the printing icon or choose File > Print. Print view is opened on the screen. Choose the correct printer and take the printer’s Properties. Open the paper size settings, e.g. in […]

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