Category: 5. Club guidelines – Show register

Summary of entries (view for show secretaries)

In Shows – page, Entries- tab you can see the summary of entries. Column 1. (Entered) includes ALL entries regardless the status. This includes all entries in approved, rejected, unfinished and canceled status. Column 2. (Approved) includes only entries that are Approved. Column 3. (Rejected) includes only entries that are rejected (rejected by the show secretary) Column 4. (Unfinished) includes only entries that are unfinished (mainly entries that are left unfinished by the enterer) Column […]

Printing the judge’s report

Go to MyCats -> Show – tab -> Prints -> Judge’s report (rdlc). Report is opened for the screen, press the Save – icon and save the file to your computer as PDF – file. Open the file in Adobe Reader – program. Press the printing icon or choose File > Print. Print view is opened on the screen. Choose the correct printer and take the printer’s Properties. Open the paper size settings, e.g. in […]

Schedule for task before and after show 

4 months before the show Request the main user to set up the show to MyCats, if it is not yet there After that fill in the basic information of the show. (Entry start- and end –date, number of cats etc.) During entry time Process the entries and invoicing Request the registrar to add foreign and non FIFe enterers, housecats to MyCats in case they are missing from the system. (Send the electronic entry). Clarify […]

Offline-situation in show

ALWAYS ANTICIPATE! There is always possibility to have a situation where all network connections are down (e.g. winter/snow storms). Prepare to these situations: Reserve some spare mobile broadband and modems from different service providers, in case some of the connections cut down. From Reports – tab, save the, Accepted entries – report to your laptop. In case of emergency you can mark results to it. Save the Cats of the breeding class – report, from […]

After show, checking the results, counting the points and locking the show

Results – print includes all results from the show. You can print the Result – print to PDF – file in case for further need. Remember to update the determination class changes and new EMS – codes to next day’s entries. (Entries – search the correct cat – Edit – click the ”Verified EMS code” and fill in the details.  Run the Class changes-report on the next day and make the required changes to entries. […]

Other prints

Breeding – and breeder –class results MyCats calculates automatically the breeding- and breeder – class points. (Note! cat needs to be entered separately to breeding class) Both classes have own printouts BIS-list contains all show’s Best In Show cats and Titles received – list contains all cat’s with new titles. Listings can be used for e.g. providing information to club’s magazine etc.

Prints for the best in show panel

Prints needed for the best in show panel can be found from Prints – tab. Prints can be printed out by the categories or all at once. Prints are completed online while results are saved to MyCats. There are several reports for best in show panel: Nomination for best in show panel – for judge Print is intended for judges in panel Nomination for best in show panel – for presenter Print contains also the […]

Determination classes (13a-13d) or a new EMS-code result for normal class

Determination class results are added to Show result – page. Edit the cat’s result and give the determination class result to “Other result” – field. Fill in to Other result – field the EMS – code judge gave and Save (and print the diploma if needed). Result of determination class (or if judge gives new EMS – code in normal class) needs to be added to following entries. Same day’s entries can be found easily […]

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