Show entry via MyCats or paper form

Show entries can be made in two different ways: member can make the entry via MyCats or the show secretary saves the paper entry to MyCats after registrar has added the cat in the system.

When the owner makes the entry with personal MyCats credentials:

  • All owners will need to have valid membership and not even one of the owners can have any restrictions of activities or shows. 
  • If the cat has multiple owners, one owners entry is enough
    • Note! Member will need to confirm the entry, after that the invoice is created. If confirmation is not made, show secretary will see the entry in incomplete status.
    • Show secretary can advise the member to confirm the show entry or change the status itself. If the show secretary changes the status, invoice is not created.
  • If the cat is entered to multiple classes (e.g. normal – and veteran class), every class will require a separate entry
  • Breeders classes are populated automatically in MyCats

When show secretary make’s the entry:

  • first need to be checked if the cat can already be found from MyCats
  • If cat is already in MyCats, entry can be made via MyCats
  • If the cat / owner cannot be found in MyCats, owner will need to send entry form or all the information required for entry form via email to registrar. After adding the information to MyCats, cat’s entry can be made via MyCats.

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