About prints

The appearance of the printouts does not necessarily correspond to what is shown on the browser screen, so you should print test prints of the necessary prints. Please do the tests already the week before the exhibition week, so that there is time for possible clarifications.

If the error in the prints is noticed on the Friday before the show weekend, main user will have very limited time to fix the issues.

Make sure that you have enough of diplomas. Remember to order those from Kissaliitto’s office.

Find out how the judge’s reports are printed and provide the information for main user. (Definition is held from show to show unless it is manually changed).

  • Test the printing by giving a result for the cat and print the judge’s report. Adjust the printing settings. Remove the cats result.
  • The diploma can be printed on the old form template, so there is (usually) no need to change the diploma’s print settings in the browser.
    • Make sure that you have enough of templates and order more if needed
    • The settings of the laser printer and/or browser may have to be changed when printing the diploma
  • Diploma in HTML-form prints out all information with subjects. Judge’s report is printed in to a logo paper, which gives the opportunity for more freely modified outfit
    • In browser’s printing settings you can modify the text location with header and footer settings
  • Main user will change the judge’s reports printing style

At this moment IE does not print correctly, it is recommended to user either Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

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