FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions

No matches when searching with a birthday

The date has to be in correct format, for example d.m.yyyy or In case the date format is not correct the list shows 0 results. When searching with a time frame, the starting date comes first (upper field) and the ending date is in the second field (lower field).

In case I need to make a new search, how do I remove the selection from the breed selection field?

Press ctrl ja click on the selected breed, the selection should be removed.

What cat information is not shown in the public view?

The public view does not show the cat owner (data privacy). Health information is shown for those details which have been marked as public before 01.01.2016. All health information entered after 01.01.2016 is public by default. Administrator can change the non-public information as public, if requested.

Why the show results from last weekend are not shown in the results.

As long as the show results are not checked and locked, the results are unofficial and can be viewed through the Ongoing shows -view.


How to check which show results have been included in the “cat of the year” -points?

Search for the cat and open show results -view. On the right side of the “Show results” title row you will find link “Cat show point calculation”. Click the link and it will list the show results included in the calculation.  Results marked with red color are the main points included, and green color is used for the reserve points.  You can also access the cat information through any past show which the cat has participated by going to the show results and selecting the cat from there.

Why my cat’s show results are not visible in the cat show point calculation?

Points are included in the calculation once the show results have been checked, additional points have been calculated and the show results have been locked by the arranging cat club. Clubs have 40 days time limit to do this when the show is finished.

Why the cat point calculation is not showing results specific for example for a breed, but instead gives me a list of breeders of I category?

Check that you have specified all the needed search criterias: year, category and breed.

Where can I see how many cats have been registered to a show?

Go to future shows list and select the specific show you want to check. Open Results view. This number contains all registrations, also the ones not yet approved.