General information about organizing a show

MyCats show program is web service that is used with web browser, that set’s certain requirements for the show place and computers in use at the show. Here is listed some basic requirements that should be checked for the show.

Find out what kind of internet connection is available. If there isn’t at all or the connection is very poor, the internet connection will need to be organized with e.g. mobile connection. Organize a mobile connection (mobile broadband with modem, mobile phone) for spare usage and always remember to test the connection before the show starts. For just in case, save the Approved registrations report to your laptop, if the network cuts off you can save the show results on that report.

Every club will need to check in forehand that the computers they use, meet the following requirements:

  • Operating system needs to be Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1. XP-system, or older is not recommended
  • Recommended web browser is the newest version of Chrome or Firefox. With IE-browser the prints do not work as expected. Specially IE’s compatibility mode cause issues with printing (can print e.g. empty double page).

Remember to test printing before the show starts, also make sure that printer’s ink cartridges are full. Find out in forehand where you can either buy or loan new printer in case of emergency.

Printing instructions can be found from below section.