Tag: Memberships

Adding a new member to club

New member can be added to club in two ways. When member applies to club via MyCats start page form membership application, the application appears for the club to the MyCats start page, where membership secretary will need process it. Membership secretary can also directly add the user to club, or add new club for existent member. 1. Processing membership application Unprocessed membership applications can be found from MyCats start page. Application can be either […]

Modifying the member’s / organization’s details 

Search the member / organization whose details you want to modify by using the search tool in the left panel of the page: Search for members or organizations. You can search with member or organization name by pressing the SEARCH – button or using the ADVANCED SEARCH. Access and modify the details by clicking the member’s / organization’s name on the search results. If the search finds only one member / organization, the details are […]

Who should I contact for help? 

MyCats-support provides help for problems and questions about using MyCats (e.g. account does not work, too many/few cats listed etc.). First you should always check for MyCats instructions, if you can find answer to your issue from there. If you cannot find the answer, contact the MyCats-support (Facebook or email: omakissa.tuki@kissaliitto.fi) Other issues, like questions related to your memberships, help with imported cats or buying new cat, are always handled with the help of your own […]

Members functions

You can find several tabs from your member’s page (Contact information, Memberships, Cats, Cattery name, Invoices and Shows). From these tabs you can find all information about your membership and you can also modify those. Contact information – tab you can maintain your contact details. By clicking the Edit information – button you can edit your personal information like address, phone number, password. Please note that if you change your email address, also your MyCats […]

Memberships for owners of breeding cats

If even one of the owners (male or female) membership has not been valid in the time of mating, MyCats does not allow to do the litter registration in reference to membership validation. In this case the membership needs to be taken care of immediately and registration will need to be done by MAILING the mating certificate before the litter is 2 months old (normal registration fee) or before 3 months old (regular double registration […]