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FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions

No matches when searching with a birthday The date has to be in correct format, for example d.m.yyyy or dd.mm.yyyy. In case the date format is not correct the list shows 0 results. When searching with a time frame, the starting date comes first (upper field) and the ending date is in the second field (lower field). In case I need to make a new search, how do I remove the selection from the breed […]

Incorrect or missing information in cat’s details

Is some of the health – or show results missing, or is there incorrect data? Do you need help with MyCats. First search for help here in MyCats instructions. Note, that you need to have a proper document of the correct information if you are reporting incorrect or missing information. If you find incorrect show result Provide following information: – Cat’s breed – Cat’s name – Owner’s name – Show date and place – Judge […]

Show results

In Show results – tab you can find the cat’s current titles and show results. Note! Only result’s achieved or added during the time of MyCats existence are shown here.  Please take care of reporting the show results achieved from other countries immediately after the show. (Cats – tab. Choose the correct cat. Go to Change requests – tab.) Attach a scan or picture from show diploma and press Save.