Club’s main user functions

Adding a new user – club’s account

  1. Click the “User management” – tab
  2. Click Users
  3. Click Add user 
  4. User information for is opened, fill in at least the fields marked with star (*)
  5. Fill in the information and Save
  6. Select a proper group from dropdown menu and press Add to group

Club’s member administrator 

  1. Click User management – tab
  2. Click Users 
  3. You can see listing of club’s officers who have the rights to administer club’s information
  4. Click the Browse information on that person’s row you want to modify and then Click Edit to edit the information.
  5. Click the Delete on that person’s row you want to delete 
    NOTE! By deleting the person, you also delete the person from MyCats! Be careful with this function.

Viewing club’s information 

  1. In the left panel of the front page you can find a search tool SEARCH FOR MEMBERS OR ORGANIZATIONS
    Type the club’s name to search field and click Search
    OR click the club’s name on the right corner of the page (next to your username)
  2. You can see listing of search results below the search field
  3. By clicking the club’s name you can access to the basic details. Changes to this information can be done by MyCats main user.

Club’s membership types

  1. Go to your club’s page and Memberships- tab.
  2. Member types of the club –section you can find the types with pricing used in your club.
  3. Types cannot be removed, if you have members with those types
  4. Add / Modify member types
    • Choose the member type
    • Define a price for the type
      • 1. years price is optional
    • Year, what year’s type it is
    • If type is added to membership application
    • Additionally:
      • Does the member type include Kissa – magazine
      • Is the member type shown in membership application
        • E.g. Honor member is not wanted to membership application
      • Is the member type paid by the breeder
        • Member paid by the breeder should not be visible in membership application either. Membership paid by the breeder functionality can be found from Cattery name – tab.

If the member type you need cannot be find from drop down menu, ask MyCats main user to create it: