Invoicing memberships

  1. Click the Invoicing – tab. Klikkaa yläpalkissa kohtaa Laskutus
  2. Click the Invoice memberships
  3. Fill in at least the fields marked with star (*)
  1. Choose the Membership type from the list. (Invoice amount is defined by the choices, you can also choose multiple membership types)
  2. Click on the Search invoices
  3. Choose the members who you want the invoice to be sent and click Send Invoices 
  4. If you want to send all invoices, click ”Send all invoices” 
  5. If the invoicing method is paper invoice, PDF – file is created for these members, save and print the PDF – invoice. You can find the PDF-file from section invoicing history in INVOICING – tab. Note! PDF will not be created, if the invoice has been sent via email. PDF-file is created only for paper invoices.

From invoicing history –section you can find all paper invoices in PDF- files and amount and sum of all email invoices.

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