Microchips for litters

Breeder, after your litter has been microchipped, you can report the microchip details by yourself.

You can do it by: After the veterinarian/ legalized microchipper has installed the chip and marked the microchip number in to the pedigree book, send a scan or picture of the pedigree book’s page where the microchip number is marked (note. all cat’s detailed information and veterinarians/chippers markings need to be clear). This can easily be done from Change requests – tab, Add – button in microchip information section. Note. In this case the veterinarian / chipper does not have to fill in the microchip form any more.

All cats registered to Kissaliitto will need to have microchip installed when given to new home.  Rule has been valid since 01.01.2016.
Microchip information is required for ownership change.
Providing the microchip information is in sellers responsibilities.

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