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Removing the breeder class

Note. Cats of the breeder class –report needs to be checked. Check if there is cat entered to the show from the owner of the cattery name entered to breeder class or if the breeder class has been paid separately. Report Cats of the breeder class – will list all the cattery name’s that have at least five cats entered to the show. If the requirements for the breeder class are not met, the class […]

Registering a litter

Note for breeder – when you are registering the litter, you do not need to write the breeder name to name field. If this happens, registrar will edit and remove it without notification when litter registration is processed.

Members functions

You can find several tabs from your member’s page (Contact information, Memberships, Cats, Cattery name, Invoices and Shows). From these tabs you can find all information about your membership and you can also modify those. Contact information – tab you can maintain your contact details. By clicking the Edit information – button you can edit your personal information like address, phone number, password. Please note that if you change your email address, also your MyCats […]

Cattery name is missing

In case you have a cattery name, but it is missing from your own information, contact the MyCats –support: Cattery name should be visible in the right corner of Basic Information- tab and Cattery name – tab.

Cattery name

If the person has cattery name registered to FIFe, Cattery name – tab shows the basic information of the cattery name and a listing of litter’s registered to this cattery name.