Removing the breeder class

Note. Cats of the breeder class –report needs to be checked. Check if there is cat entered to the show from the owner of the cattery name entered to breeder class or if the breeder class has been paid separately.

Report Cats of the breeder class – will list all the cattery name’s that have at least five cats entered to the show. If the requirements for the breeder class are not met, the class needs to be removed from this breeder.

You can remove is in Basic Info – tab. Click the Cattery names – button, you can see listing of all cattery names in this show. (These all are not listed in the report Cats of the breeding class, because not everyone has the needed requirements).


Search the Cattery name you want to remove by scrolling the list or using the browser’s search tool by pressing CTRL + F. Tick the ”filter” box for those cattery name’s you want to remove and press Save. 

You can still see the Cattery name in show registry’s Cats of the breeder class report, but system does not calculate the points for it.

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