Adding a foreign member’s entry, non FIFe member’s entry or adding a missing housecat

Foreign and non FIFe members entries are added the same way as for members of Kissaliitto, but before adding those, cat’s and owner’s information needs to be added to MyCats by registrar. Housecat information can also be missing from MyCats.

Check first if the owner and correct cat can already be found from MyCats. (Same way as the show secretary would make the entry, search the cat by the owner in Add cat- page)

If the owner/cat cannot be found, send the scanned paper entry form for the registrar via email. Make sure that the entry form contains all the required information and ask the missing information from the enterer in forehand. If you don’t have the opportunity to scan the entry, email all the cats and owner’s detailed information for the registrar. When registrar has added all needed information to MyCats, save the entry. If possible, provide the missing information as soon as possible, even the registrar usually make’s the changes in quick schedule, delays are always possible.

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