Basic information of the show

Main user will found the show with minimum information. Organizing club will need to fill in the rest of the basic information. Basic information is also shown for members (limited). Registration to show is open for the members according the registration period. Registration time can be set immediately or as programmed. Basic information of the show:

  • Organizing club
  • Name, name of the show.
    • Will be printed out in all prints. Recommended format: <national/international>
    • E.g. URK 44. international cat show 10.10.2015
  • Start / Close: time for show dates
  • Entry begins  –  closes: date and time for entry period
  • Date and time for release of the confirmation letter:
    • Confirmation letter and EMS-codes from judges-tab are public information for members
  • Other important dates and times
    • Open to the public
    • Veterinary examination
    • Judging begins
  • Selection-settings
    • International
    • Special show
    • Drive In -show
    • The owners are allowed to present their cats
  • Maximum number of cats, elimination limit. If the maximum number is reached, system will not allow more entries.
  • Categories, categories judged in this show
  • BreedBIS-breed selection, minimum amount needed for BreedBIS
  • House cats BIS-selection basis:1 BIS, 2 BIS length of hair 2 BIS sex
  • Payment due date: options for show fee due date are “Immediately”, 7 days or 14 days
  • Bank account number and BIC code, filled if clubs bank account is not used for show fees
  • Email address, email for show contact
  • Place, location where show is held
    • Note! Too long names of places can look bad in prints. Specific visiting address can be added to Additional information.
  • Officials
  • Additional information
  • Text off confirmation letter

Cattery names – function – removing the cattery name from best breeder class results Breeders– class results are counted automatically in MyCats for all those breeder’s whose requirements for the class are full filled. Sometimes the cattery name/breeder does not want to be counted on the results or some of the registered cats are absent from the show and breeder does not have enough cats for the class or the breeder has not registered to the class as instructed by the club. Basic information of the show – page has Cattery names box, by clicking the box you can see listing of all cattery names in the show. Select those cattery names you don’t want to count on the breeders class by enabling the Filter – box. After choosing all cattery names not wanted, press Save.

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