Creating and releasing the confirmation letter 

Confirmation letter is saved to show’s basic information

  • Basic information – tab, Edit-button, you can see the Text of confirmation letter – field.
  • You can use formatting in Text of confirmation –field, but you cannot add attachments.
  • Show information is recommended to be added to club’s webpage and link it to the confirmation letter
    • Note! Language options is not yet available.
  • When confirmation letter is ready, save the release date (either immediately or future). Field for release date can be found higher in the page.
  • You can preview the Confirmation letter in the Entries-tab/ Proceed to send confirmation letter and Preview- link.

Confirmation letters are sent in Entries –tab.

Note! Few days before sending the confirmation letter, remember to check following information:

  • If the cat’s ownership have changed (Reports/Entries where the cat is not owned by the enterer). Owner who brings the cat to show needs to be added as the enterer. This way the correct person receives the confirmation letter.
  • Are the memberships valid (Reports/Entries, enterers without active membership), contact the enterer if needed.
  • Class changes (Reports, Class changes), process the changes

Electronic confirmation letter (send from ENTRIES – tab)

  • Press Proceed to send the confirmation letter –button
  • System will show listing of persons who will receive the confirmation letter via email
    • If the person does not have email address, paper confirmation letter is sent
  • Top of the page you can find the Preview – link for checking the appearance and content
  • Send –button can be found lower in the page
  • Single confirmation letter can be sent via email by clicking the Send confirmation of the acceptance –link next to enterer’s name. This might be needed, if enterer’s faulty email address (in the time of confirmation letter was sent) is changed to working email address and the person wants to have the confirmation letter.

Paper confirmation letter:

  • Press Proceed to print confirmation letters – button.
  • System will generate paper confirmation letter for all enterers who do not have email address.
  • Club can provide chargeable paper confirmation letter by creating it as one of the products. Product can be created in Products by choosing the category as paper confirmation letter and giving a price for it.
  • Confirmation letter can be printed immediately and recipient details are positioned to fit directly in to envelope with window.