Products of the show

Show invoices can be created with the help of products, also products can be used for e.g. steward application.  You can set different availability periods for different products, e.g. you can create different show fees for different registration periods.


  • At least one registration-product is required for attending show
  • Can be e.g. Show registration member, Show registration Non FIFe-member. Show registration with stamp card.
    • Stamp card – registration fee is the amount that is left for the member to pay. E.g. if the show fee is 40, 00 e and stamp card provides -50% discount, the fee for Stamp card – registration product would be 20, 00 e. If stamp card provides full 100% discount, the stamp card – registration fee product would be 0, 00 e.
  • Veteran class will need to have its own registration product
    • Its recommended that member will register the veteran to normal show class AND separately to veteran class
      • Member can choose the normal- and veteran class products at the same time. In this case the show secretary will need to create a separate registration to veteran class.
  • It is recommended to do the same for breeding class and determination class as for veteran class.
  • Breeder class is generated automatically for the breeder, if the requirements for breeder is class are met. If breeder class is chargeable, you can make own product for it.

Paper confirmation letter – product

  • Product’s category enables the possibility to print out paper confirmation letter for those exhibitors who have chosen the product.

Chargeable option – product

  • Organizing club can also provide chargeable services in the show, e.g. Extra cage-space, Charity, Lunch, Ticket to judge’s dinner, etc.
  • With this product type you can also create 0-price products, e.g. steward application