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Documents prefilled with you cat’s information

It is possible to download documents with prefilled cat information from MyCats (MS Word format). Download the documents to your own computer like this:   First select the cat you want to use for prefilling the document, and open the cat info page Go to the bottom of the basic info -view to the section called Document creation From the selection list choose the document to be created and press “Download”-button (see below). If you […]

FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions

No matches when searching with a birthday The date has to be in correct format, for example d.m.yyyy or In case the date format is not correct the list shows 0 results. When searching with a time frame, the starting date comes first (upper field) and the ending date is in the second field (lower field). In case I need to make a new search, how do I remove the selection from the breed […]

Cat register

MyCats service has enabled the possibility to view and modify cat information electronically. These kind of functions are e.g. litter registration, saving health information and changing ownerships. Some of the functions are still chargeable and some are free of charge (e.g. reporting the cat as deceased or neutered, or change of ownership). MyCats has also enabled the possibility to have public health information for cats. Cat’s basic information is public but nothing sensitive is shown […]