Cat register

MyCats service has enabled the possibility to view and modify cat information electronically. These kind of functions are e.g. litter registration, saving health information and changing ownerships. Some of the functions are still chargeable and some are free of charge (e.g. reporting the cat as deceased or neutered, or change of ownership).

MyCats has also enabled the possibility to have public health information for cats. Cat’s basic information is public but nothing sensitive is shown public. Public information are: Cats name, breed, register number, date of birth and show results. Also pedigree and offspring is public.  Owner’s or breeder’s name or contact information is not public. Health information is set public since 1.1.2016. Results saved before that are only public if the owner has given the permission for it.

Note! In some cases date 1.1.1900 is used. This is date that was used when data was transferred and the correct date was not available. There is no need to fix these dates.