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Adding a new member to club

New member can be added to club in two ways. When member applies to club via MyCats start page form membership application, the application appears for the club to the MyCats start page, where membership secretary will need process it. Membership secretary can also directly add the user to club, or add new club for existent member. 1. Processing membership application Unprocessed membership applications can be found from MyCats start page. Application can be either […]

Membership paid by the breeder

Breeder can join new member to a club in MyCats -service. The payer for the first year’s membership fee will be the breeder. Availability of this function varies between clubs, and breeder name is required for using this function. Log in with your credentials and go to Cattery name -tab. Press the Create a breeder paid membership –button. Fill in the following information: Club, where the new member is joined (Clubs where the breeder is a member, […]