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Invoices are kept safe in MyCat!

All your invoices and their statuses can be found from MyCat under Invoices -view.  Under the view you will find all membership, show registration and possible litter registration invoices. Especially in the beginning of each year when it is time to pay the club memberships, it is good to check what appears under the view. MyCat is used for sending the membership and show registration invoices as a group email, which means that those emails […]

Note for show secretaries!

Show registrations cannot anymore be fully removed by show secreterary. If the owner wants to remove a cat from a show, the show registration needs to be either cancelled or rejected. If the registration is not correct and needs to be removed, you need to contact club’s administrator.  

Terveystietojen lisääminen Omakissaan rajapinnan kautta

Omakissan ja Provetin yhteistyö helpottaa kissan terveyestietojen viemistä Omakissaan. Yli 160:lla eläinlääkäriasemalla on käytössän rajapinta, joka mahdollistaa kissan terveystietojen lähettämisen Omakissaan. Eläinlääkäriin mennessä kannattaa kysyä tästä mahdollisuudesta ja antaa lupa kissan terveystietojen julkaisuun, näin säästyt liitteiden toimittamisesta Kissaliittoon. Rajapintaa pitkin Omakissaan voidaan lähettää seuraavat tiedot: Mikrosirutus Napatodistus Kivestodistus Kuulotodistus Kuolinsyy Tällä hetkellä rajapinta on seuraavien eläinlääkäriasemien käytössä: Acuvet AitoVet AlmaVet CatVet kissaklinikka Eiran Eläintohtorit Eläinklinikka EHYT Eläinklinikka Hertta Eläinklinikka Karvakamut Eläinklinikka Kurki Eläinklinikka Peninkulma Eläinklinikka Saari Eläinklinikka Tassuasema Eläinklinikka Vainu […]

FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions

No matches when searching with a birthday The date has to be in correct format, for example d.m.yyyy or In case the date format is not correct the list shows 0 results. When searching with a time frame, the starting date comes first (upper field) and the ending date is in the second field (lower field). In case I need to make a new search, how do I remove the selection from the breed […]

Omakissan julkisen näkymän ulkoasu päivitetty

Omakissan julkisen näkymän ( käyttöliittymää on päivitetty paremmin skaalautuvaksi eri mobiililaitteille. Toiminnallisuuksia pyritään parantamaan entisestään lähiaikoina. Huom. Kissoja/kissatietoja syntymäajalla haettaessa, muistathan täyttää päivämäärän muodossa pv.kk.vuosi  

Number of members and votes in general assembly

Kissaliitto will check the number of votes from MyCats. It is club’s responsibility to have all memberships handled by 31.12. 23:59 o’clock, so that all members entitled to vote are counted.  There are tools for membership secretaries to follow up and validate the number of votes. Reports – tab you can find the report ”Votes in general assembly”. This report shows you how many members is in total, how many memberships in each club (if […]

Points calculated to ranking 

Now you are able to see your cat’s results that are calculated to cat ranking. By clicking the cats details and opening Show results – tab, you can see all the domestic results that are calculated to ranking. In Show results –tab you can find a Cat show point calculation link. By clicking the link MyCats will show you the results from current year. Results marked with red color are counted to ranking and results […]

Changing the cat to show

Changing the cat to show can be done by the show secretary. There are three ways to do it (club can choose the most suitable way). PRACTISE 1. You can replace a cat already entered to another cat. Choose the “Edit” in Entries – tab from that cat’s row you want to replace. When the cat’s owner is the same as the already entered cats, you can just search the cats name and choose it […]

Entries by the products

In Entries – tab you can search for different products used in entries. E.g. entries paid with stamp card, reduced price etc.  From this view you can easily see the status of all payments. By clicking the ”Invoice status” you can see the invoice details and you can either accept or reject them. You can see all entries by choosing ”Show all” above the EMS –code list or choose specific category or EMS- code by […]

Accepted entries – report

Report shows listing of all cats accepted to the show. It is recommended to save this report (from both days) e.g. to flash drive, for just in case if the network crashes. If you save the file in EXEL- format, in case of emergency you can save the show results to this file, later you can upload the file with results to MyCats with help of Kehätieto. In the print screen you can see the […]

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