Approving/rejecting/deleting a show entry

When the payment of the entry is processed, entry is either approved or rejected (if entry is cancelled or payment is late).

  • Entry can be approved by clicking the Approve– link or opening the entry as Edit –status and saving the entry status to Approved
  • All entries made by members are approved one by one
  • All entries made by show secretary that are in status Entered, need to be approved separately
  • Rejecting or canceling the entry can be done by opening the entry’s Edit-page and changing the status
  • Deleting the entry can be done in the Edit –page and using the Delete – function

Usability tip for approving entries 

MyCats bundles all the products chosen by the enterer to one invoice. When total amount of the invoice with reference number is paid, and the reference material is allocated, the status of the invoice is changed to Approved.

Filtering entries by the product easies show secretary’s work, there is no need to open every invoice separately to see what the entry contains and is it approvable or not.  Instructions here!