Class changes – report

Class changes

  • Report will those cats, whose entry class is conflict to cat’s details. Cat’s name is link to the entry, where you can save the class change (if needed).
  • Class changes are recommended to be processed before sending the confirmation letter and again few days before the show.
  • This way you can see also the next show days upcoming class changes

Class report will show the list of cats that have obtained a new title in previous show and will change class to this show. It is recommended to run the report in Friday for Saturday’s show and again in Saturday evening for Sunday’s show and check the class changes.

Listing will show cat’s name, entry class, class by tittle (should be the entry class too), newest title and date and judge for this. You can easily compare if entry class and show class are the same. If you see conflict, you can correct it.

Note, owner is responsible for taking care that cat is competing in correct class. 

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