Schedule for task before and after show 

4 months before the show Request the main user to set up the show to MyCats, if it is not yet there

After that fill in the basic information of the show. (Entry start- and end –date, number of cats etc.)

During entry time Process the entries and invoicing

Request the registrar to add foreign and non FIFe enterers, housecats to MyCats in case they are missing from the system. (Send the electronic entry). Clarify the MyCats compatibility to the technical devices used in the show.

Month before the show Check the amount of diplomas, order more if needed. Find out the form of judge’s report (rdlc – html), clarify the need for printing and ordering report templates.
3 weeks before the show Finish the judge’s allocation and confirmation letter. Start making the show catalogue.
2 weeks before the show Run the following reports and act in case of need:

Entries where the cat is not owned by the enterer, change the enterer if needed

Entries, enterers without active membership

Entries, owners without active membership

Class changes – report

Publish the confirmation letter.

Perform test printing: prints before show, prints during show, most important is to test diploma printing.

Check that all printers are operative, sufficiency of papers and inks etc. Find out where to get spare/new printer in case of need.

Week before the show Send the show catalogue, diplomas and other show day’s printouts for printing.

Check that secretary’s MyCats accounts are working.
Prepare spare network connection and test it.

Before the show Run following reports in the evening before the show:

Entries where the cat is not owned by the enterer

Entries, enterers without active membership

Class changes – report

Save the Accepted entries- Excel to your computer

After the show Save the changed EMS – codes for next day’s show.

Run the Class changes – report and process the class changes to next day’s show.

After validating the show results, lock the show from the left corners Lock – button. Show results come public after locking the show.

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