Printouts before the show

Printouts before the show date are:

  • List of numbers for the audience
    • List of EMS –codes by the judge, EMS codes that the judge is judging and numbers for cats. (Numbering and lists for judge’s cages).
  • Compaction list for the judges
    • All cats divided to males, females, neutered males, neutered females, youngsters and kittens by their EMS-codes
  • Compaction list of the cats of the show
    • All cats divided by the judge
  • Judge’s report (rdlc) – Judge’s report (html)
    • Report -type judge’s report is printed to Kissaliitto’s template paper. From the opening window, take the disk icon (export drop down menu) and save the form as PDF –file and print it out. PDF – file is created in correct measurements.
    • Html-type diplomas can be printed in A4 size or by changing printing settings in A5-size. Diploma is printed complete with all details.
      • If you want to print the diplomas in forehand, print the html-diploma as PDF-file
  • Judging sheets
    • All cats divided by groups for judging results
  • Nomination for best in show
    • For nomination results
  • Show catalogue
    • Access Cat data- file is text – type of raw data about cats of the show divided in groups. Cat data is easy to copy from this view to a different editor for modifying the format etc.
    • Word-type of show catalogue contains all table’s needed (extra points, judges etc.) and listings (enterers etc.)

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