Prints for the best in show panel

Prints needed for the best in show panel can be found from Prints – tab. Prints can be printed out by the categories or all at once. Prints are completed online while results are saved to MyCats.

There are several reports for best in show panel:

  • Nomination for best in show panel – for judge
    • Print is intended for judges in panel
  • Nomination for best in show panel – for presenter
    • Print contains also the detailed information of the cats and owners
  • Number tags to panel
    • Number tags from all nominated cats to be used in panel cages and stewards

When category is finished, breeding- and breeder results are counted from that category. These prints can be found with name ”Results of the breeders class” and ”Results of the breeding class”.

  • Some of the prints look different in printouts compared to computer screen e.g. when printed the pages are divided automatically. E.g. Nominations for panel (NOM-list) – print.

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