Determination classes (13a-13d) or a new EMS-code result for normal class

Determination class results are added to Show result – page. Edit the cat’s result and give the determination class result to “Other result” – field.

  • Fill in to Other result – field the EMS – code judge gave and Save (and print the diploma if needed).
  • Result of determination class (or if judge gives new EMS – code in normal class) needs to be added to following entries.
    • Same day’s entries can be found easily from Shows – tab searching with cat’s name or number. Clicking the cat’s name opens the entry, fill in the new EMS – code. If judge is different, it needs to be changed in that day’s judge allocation – view.
    • New EMS – code needs to be added next day’s entries to Specific EMS – code field. Entries can be searched next day’s Entries- tab or Show –tab with cat’s name or number.

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