Ownership change – for seller

Ownership change requires acceptance from all owners. Acceptance can be given by logging in to MyCats –site, in cats details page press Allow change of ownership –button. This acceptance needs to be done in every case, even the cat has only one owner.

Ownership of the cat can be changed by creating a PIN-code for the new owner. New owner can have the ownership of the cat by claiming the cat with PIN-code in MyCats -service. This method requires that both old and new owner have MyCats -accounts, both owners will need to be members in some club.  If the new owner does not have membership in any club, ownership to Kissaliitto’s register will need to be done with paper form.

  1. Choose the cat which ownership you want to change and open the cat’s details (if you want to change the full ownership or you want to add more owners for the cat).
  2. All owners of the cat will need to do the following in MyCats –site with their personal credentials. Click on the cat’s details and click Allow change of ownership (picture 1). You can also deny the ownership change before section 3 is done.

    Picture 1: Allow change of ownership
  3. When all owners have allowed the ownership change, one of the owners will click the Make change of ownership-button (picture 2).

    Picture 2: Make change of ownership –view.
  4. Give the amount of the new owners.  Note. If some of the old owners will remain as owner, provide the code for them too.
    1. Example 1: If the cat has 3 owners, and one of those sells his/hers share for outsider. Mark the amount of the new owners 3. Two PIN codes will be given to the old owners whose share will remain and one PIN code will be given to the new owner.
    2. Example 2: If the cat has 3 owners, and one of those sell’s his/hers share for one of the old owners: Create 2 PIN-codes and provide those for the two owners who will remain owners.
  5. Generated PIN-codes will be visible above cats details divided in redeemed and unredeemed codes.
  6. Post/send the code for all owners (new and remaining) via email or paper. Ownership can be redeemed with the PIN-code and all owners (new and remaining) will need to redeem it personally.
  7. When all owners have redeemed the PIN-codes, cat will be moved in your previous cats.

NOTES! If even one of the new owners will not redeem the PIN – code in 30 days, the ownership change will be canceled from all new owners. 

Date for the ownership change will be the PIN – codes generation date. If you want the date to be the same as in contract of sales, create the PIN – code in that date. You can hand over the PIN-code after that.