Your cat’s basic information

How you can find your cats information:

  1. Log in to MyCats -site If you don’t have the credentials, read more here.
  2. From the main page open the Cats-tab.
  3. In Cats –tab you can find all cats you own and have owned in the past.
  4. By clicking the cats name, you can see detailed information
  5. All cats -link (in the top of page) you get back to all cats –page.
  6. This window also includes a functionality to redeem a cat with PIN –code.
  7. In MyCats –service’s main page you can also see notifications, if there is more information needed to health details you have updated. Notifications are set by the registrar.

Cat’s basic information

In cat’s Basic Info -tab you can find details from cats name, breeder, breed and registration number. In this screen you can also find functions for ownership change, declaration of cat’s death or of registering a litter.