Registering a litter

 Registering a litter via MyCats can be done, if

  • Litter is 3 months old or less. Litter registration needs to be done within 2 months of date of birth. If this time limit is exceeded, the registration fee is doubled. If registration is exceeded over 3 months, it has to be done via paper form and breeding committee will be involved.
  • Both parents are in Suomen Kissaliitto’s register and full fill the terms of registration.
    • If either one of the parents is missing information, e.g. mandatory health results, the missing information need to be updated before the registrar can process the registration. Health information can be added in cat’s information in Health Information -tab.  Health information needs to be valid at the date of mating.
    • Special permission-litters are always registered with paper form (mating certificate).
  • both parent’s owners (all) has account to MyCats
    • Litter registration requires male’s owner’s approval, notification about litter registration is send for all owners. Approval needs to be done in 7 days. To get the approval in time, breeder should contact the male’s owners.
    • If the male has more than one owner, approval from one owner is enough. All owners will receive a notification of the registration.
    • If some of the owners do not have MyCats –account, registration needs to be done via paper form (mating certificate). Make sure that all owners have the MyCats – account.
  • Not even one of the owners can have any active restrictions. Also controlled breeding activity denies the registration. In this case registration needs to be done via paper form (mating certificate).

Tip! Do not delay the electronic registration! You can start the registration right after the litter has born. Then you will also have a lot time to check all health certificates. MyCats can also deny the electronic registration for some specific reason and when starting it at early point you will have time to make the registration via paper form. Registration that is in progress can be accessed at any time in Cattery name – tab. Registration that is in progress is shown in the litter list with status Open. Litter details can be modified by clicking the Review-link.

  1. Open the cat’s details, for which you want to register a litter
  2. Search the litter’s sire by writing the name of the cat, register number or it’s beginning to search field and press the Search – button.
  3. Choose the correct sire from search results by clicking the Register – button in the right corner.
  4. Fill in the mating date, litter’s birthdate and information if the litter was born by caesarean section. In text field you can additional information for registrar.
  5. If the combination does not meet the registration conditions or regular health results are missing, system will give a notification after you have pressed the Save –button.
    • If it is registration that is contrary to regulations, e.g. too close relationship, registration will be suspended
    • If system will give notification about missing information, the registration can be continued after the missing information has been provided for registrar
  6. Add all the kittens one by one with Add kitten –button. All fields marked with start are mandatory.
    • If the breeder wants to set the kitten to breeding restriction (In pedigree book: ”Not for breeding, breeders decision”), breeding restriction is added by giving the reason “Breeders decision” from the drop down menu. In this case the reason needs to be filled in the text field.
    • Note! Phenotype is filled ONLY, when its divergent from genotype, in default this field is left blank
  7. When all the kittens have been added. Press the Accept kittens and move to payment.
  8. Then the registration confirmation will appear on the page. Check the litter information and if there is no correction, press Confirm Registration.
  9. On the opening page you will see a litter registration invoice. Pay your registration with the information on the invoice, do not change your invoice details. You find your litter registration invoice also on your invoice tab.
  10. After signing it ready, the registration will be send for sire’s owner for approval
    • When sire’s owner has approved the registration, the registration will be processed by the registrar.