Cat I own is missing from my information 

If a cat is missing from your information, there can be several reasons. E.g. your name has changed and the cat’s ownership is in your old name, or the seller of the cat has not yet delivered the new ownership information for registrar.

First point of contact: seller of the cat.

  1. Contact the person who sold you the cat. When seller logs in to MyCats, seller can check if the cat is still in sellers cats. You can easily transfer to ownership for you:
  2. If you do not know who the previous owner/seller/breeder is, contact the registrar. (
  3. If the seller is no longer a member or the seller does not have MyCats account anymore, contact Kissaliitto’s office (

Have you changed your name?

If your name has change the cat might still be under your old name’s information. In this case contact the Kissaliitto’s office.

Note! If the ownership is not easily solved, prepare yourself to send copies of needed documents registrar, e.g. contract of sales.  

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