Numbering can be done in Numbering-tab.

To avoid accidental numbering, the numbering action needs to be opened and locked separately:

  • Press Lock / Open numbering – button.
  • After opening the numbering, press the Set show numbers – button, system will generate the numbering for cats.
  • Lock the function again with Lock / open numbering – button.

If after numbering there is a need to give numbers to certain cats, those cats will be added in the top of the list (after entry has been Approved) and Set number – button is available next to cat’s name.

  • Open the numbering and press Set show numbers –link
  • If the cat is not already listed in the numbering, it will get the first available number
  • If the cat is already listed and has a number, it will get the same number. E.g. veteran class cat that is participating to normal class will get the normal class show number.
  • When ready, lock the numbering.