1. In this view you can either create new selections or use to existent selections.
  2. Selection criteria means that search is done again every time.
    Selection group means saved listing of persons.
  3. If you want to create a selection, click ”New selection” and give the criteria’s, e.g. ”General” -> City and click ”Select”
  4. System will list all members with this selection are (in this case the City you defined)
  5. You can add more criteria by clicking ”Add to selection”
    You can remove criteria by clicking ”Remove from selection”
    You can create completely new selection by clicking “New selection”
  6. You can remove members from results, or select the members by ticking the box in member’s row and then clicking the wanted action.
  7. You can e.g. send mail, export the list to excel or print address labels for this group you chose.

Please notice that the selection you created will remain in the background, so new selection adds new criteria to this selection. If you want to create completely new selection, press the ”Reset selection”

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