Magazine subscriptions and group emails

Club can handle the magazine subscriptions in two ways. Either by using the subscriptions-functions (member’s details/Subscriptions – tab) or via group email.

Club’s member magazines

Ask the MyCats main user to found the club’s magazine with following information:

  1. Name for the magazine
  2. Paper, electronic or both

Mallikkaat Rotukissayhdistys Ry (MROK) publishes their own member magazine ”MROK Sanomat” both in paper and electronic (PDF-file).

Main user will found two magazines for the club

  1. MROK Sanomat – paper
  2. MROK Sanomat – electronic

After that you can choose the magazine type for the member in member details, Subscriptions – tab. Member who wants paper magazine – ”MROK Sanomat – paper” and member who wants electronic magazine – ”MROK Sanomat – electronic”.

Sending the clubs member magazine 

Create criteria to Selection tab, use the criteria for Subscriptions – MROK Sanomat – Paper.

Selection will search all those members of the club, who have ordered the member magazine in paper. You can download the details in to Excel – file with Download excel- link. You can print the file excel to stickers or send as address file to printing company. Selection can also be saved directly to address labels with tools PDF-labels (3 x 8) and PDF-labels (3 x 10)

Magazine sent via email first needs an email template. This is very simple because electronic magazine is PDF-file and direct copy of the original paper magazine. Usually clubs write to the email that “Please find attach our newest member magazine”. There is a ready template for this purpose in Selection / Send email -page.

Create a criteria for Subscriptions in Selection page, give the criteria ”MROK Sanomat – electronic”.

Selection will search all those members of the club, who have ordered the member magazine in electronic file. In this view you can see the function Send email, click it and you are moved to the email creation. Fill in at least the fields marked with star (*). Choose the pre-saved template of new member magazine. Add the PDF-file to attachments. When all needed information is added, you can send the message.

If the club’s member magazine is not PDF-file, but just a regular email. The electronic magazine/message is created with Selection / Create email – page, and after that like describe above (no need to add attachments).