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Class changes – report

Class changes Report will those cats, whose entry class is conflict to cat’s details. Cat’s name is link to the entry, where you can save the class change (if needed). Class changes are recommended to be processed before sending the confirmation letter and again few days before the show. This way you can see also […]

Who should I contact for help? 

MyCats-support provides help for problems and questions about using MyCats (e.g. account does not work, too many/few cats listed etc.). First you should always check for MyCats instructions, if you can find answer to your issue from there. If you cannot find the answer, contact the MyCats-support (Facebook or email: Other issues, like questions related […]


There are several helpful reports for shows in MyCats. Some of those reports have been described in corresponding instructions (e.g. reports for membership checking). List of reports available: Show catalogue Excel –file of approved entries, can be used for modifying ready for printing show catalogue. Note! Own reports for both show dates Accepted entries List […]