There are several helpful reports for shows in MyCats. Some of those reports have been described in corresponding instructions (e.g. reports for membership checking). List of reports available:

  • Show catalogue
    • Excel –file of approved entries, can be used for modifying ready for printing show catalogue.
    • Note! Own reports for both show dates
  • Accepted entries
    • List of accepted entries
  • Entries, where the cat is not owned by the enterer
    • To check if the enterer is the owner of the cat
  • Entries, enterers without active membership
    • To check the enterers who do not have active membership
  • Judge allocation
    • List of judges with EMS-codes
  • Product report
    • List of enterers based on certain product they have chosen
    • E.g. steward applications
  • Own cage
    • List of all enterers who reported they will be using their own cage
  • Breeding class
    • List of cats that meet the requirements for breeding class
    • Separate entry to breeding class is required for calculating the extra points
  • Breeder class
    • List of breeders that meet the requirements for breeder class.
  • Fenotype cats
    • List of cats with fenotypes
  • Class changes (link to instructions)

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