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Creating and releasing the confirmation letter 

Confirmation letter is saved to show’s basic information Basic information – tab, Edit-button, you can see the Text of confirmation letter – field. You can use formatting in Text of confirmation –field, but you cannot add attachments. Show information is recommended to be added to club’s webpage and link it to the confirmation letter Note! Language options is not yet available. When confirmation letter is ready, save the release date (either immediately or future). Field […]

Entering to show

Entering cat or cats in to show Go to MyCats –site https://omakissa.kissaliitto.fi/ Log in with your MyCats account. Go to Shows -tab. Click on the shows name you want to enter your cat. Same clubs consecutive show days need to be entered separately. Basic information – tab provides basic information of the show e.g. dates and times and contact details. Judges in the show are listed in Judge’s – tab. You can enter the cat […]