Number of members and votes in general assembly

Kissaliitto will check the number of votes from MyCats. It is club’s responsibility to have all memberships handled by 31.12. 23:59 o’clock, so that all members entitled to vote are counted. 

There are tools for membership secretaries to follow up and validate the number of votes. Reports – tab you can find the report ”Votes in general assembly”.

This report shows you how many members is in total, how many memberships in each club (if this number does not match the number of members in total it will require some clearing) and number of members entitled to vote. Last column shows the total amount of votes in general assembly (regarding the votes).

If the number of members and memberships is different, so that the number of memberships if larger that members, you need to run the Double memberships –report that will show all members that for some reason have two memberships to same club. (Note, if member has double memberships to one club – the vote is not counted at all).

To have the members vote counted, the member’s membership payment date needs be in current year.