Frequently asked questions 

  • Email is already in use (when updating membership details)
    • This email address is already in use for some other person. Check first if the other person is your own club’s member (use the email address as search option). If the search can’t find results, the person is a member of different club. In this case contact the MyCats – support and provide the person’s name and email that gave the conflict.
    • Every member needs a personal email-address to be used as login name in the MyCats system.
  • Founding a new member, what password?
    • You can add anything you want to password field. Member will set a new password before logging in to MyCats. (more information in members instructions).
  • How to mark the membership as paid (if membership payments are not imported to MyCats)
    • Payment date for membership needs to be added manually to member’s details. It can be done in “Memberships” – tab. Click “Edit” on that membership you want to modify. From the next view you can find “Membership paid” – field, where you can add the payment date.
    • With Selection –function you can search those members whose membership’s payment date is earlier than the invoicing date. With this function you can list the users whose membership has not been paid.
  • Error in club’s information
    • Go to your own club’s page (only club’s main user can make the change) and perform the needed changes.