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Approving/rejecting/deleting a show entry

When the payment of the entry is processed, entry is either approved or rejected (if entry is cancelled or payment is late). Entry can be approved by clicking the Approve– link or opening the entry as Edit –status and saving the entry status to Approved All entries made by members are approved one by one All entries made by show secretary that are in status Entered, need to be approved separately Rejecting or canceling the […]

Changing the cat to show

Changing the cat to show can be done by the show secretary. There are three ways to do it (club can choose the most suitable way). PRACTISE 1. You can replace a cat already entered to another cat. Choose the “Edit” in Entries – tab from that cat’s row you want to replace. When the cat’s owner is the same as the already entered cats, you can just search the cats name and choose it […]

Accepted entries – report

Report shows listing of all cats accepted to the show. It is recommended to save this report (from both days) e.g. to flash drive, for just in case if the network crashes. If you save the file in EXEL- format, in case of emergency you can save the show results to this file, later you can upload the file with results to MyCats with help of Kehätieto. In the print screen you can see the […]

Class changes – report

Class changes Report will those cats, whose entry class is conflict to cat’s details. Cat’s name is link to the entry, where you can save the class change (if needed). Class changes are recommended to be processed before sending the confirmation letter and again few days before the show. This way you can see also the next show days upcoming class changes Class report will show the list of cats that have obtained a new […]

Schedule for task before and after show 

4 months before the show Request the main user to set up the show to MyCats, if it is not yet there After that fill in the basic information of the show. (Entry start- and end –date, number of cats etc.) During entry time Process the entries and invoicing Request the registrar to add foreign and non FIFe enterers, housecats to MyCats in case they are missing from the system. (Send the electronic entry). Clarify […]