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Ownership change – byer

Cat’s ownership is redeemed with PIN-code, and all owner’s will need to redeem it personally. The PIN – code you can get from the seller via e.g. email or paper. Go to Cats – tab, click the Give PIN-code for ownership change -button (picture 1) Give the PIN-code you got from the seller to the […]

I have too many cats

There might be several reasons for this, e.g. if you as breeder have forgotten to report ownership changes for registrar, ownerships have not been updated to register. You can transfer the ownership in MyCats together with the new owner. Instructions for ownership change: Ownership change if the new owner is not member of any club, […]

Your cat’s basic information

How you can find your cats information: Log in to MyCats -site If you don’t have the credentials, read more here. From the main page open the Cats-tab. In Cats –tab you can find all cats you own and have owned in the past. By clicking the cats name, you can see detailed information All cats […]