Processing show payments

The invoice that was populated for the member when show entry was created, depends from the products the member chose.  One invoice can contain multiple cat’s show entries (multiple products). When entry is added by the show secretary, no invoice is populated.

Invoices are processed the same way as invoicing members happens. (More information: membership secretary’s instructions)

Reference material

If the club has a contract with the bank for using reference material, payments can be allocated directly to invoices when reference material is imported to MyCats.

  • When the payment is logged in to MyCats, invoice status will change to ”Accepted”.
  • Note! Reference material needs to be text -type. MyCats does not accept xml – type of reference materials. Main user will help in case of need.
  • The club can decide how often reference material is imported to MyCats.
  • If the invoice is paid with wrong reference number, without reference number, or multiple times, the system does not know how to allocate the invoice. Those invoices will be shown in Invoicing – tab listed in unallocated invoices.
    • These invoices will need to be handled manually either for correct invoice or clearing account.

More information about processing reference material.

Processing payments manually

If the club does not have contract for reference materials, all payments need to be checked and directed manually one by one.

You can access the payments from Invoicing – tab, section Processing of the invoices. Processing of the invoices – view you can search all types of invoices, e.g. show invoices in Open-status. From the invoices check invoice –link you can access the details for processing the invoice.

  • Fill in the amount and date of the payment to product-boxes
  • Account number is not required
  • Press Approve the invoice and the payments – button
  • You can also leave the payment to unfinished by clicking the Save and continue later – button.

In Entries – tab you can check single entry’s payment status by clicking the link in Invoice status – column.

Processing stamp cards 

If the club has provided option to use stamp cards, show fee can be paid completely or by certain per cent of show fee can be paid with stamp card.  Even the stamp card covers the show fee completely, system will create an invoice of 0.00 e which will have the status Open.

  • When show secretary receives the stamp card, invoice needs to be processed and accepted by giving the amount of payment as 0.00 e.